5 Days of a Great Musician: The Story & Music of Scott Joplin

A couple months ago, when we all began “staying at home”, I got really excited about sharing more about great musicians with all my students. It is something I feel I never get enough time to do in the classroom. And, I imagined my posts and activities being something that could be done as whole family. Maybe even during dinner or before bed.

It turns out I was right! I was so excited to hear how so many students have been learning about Mozart and the Beatles with their parents and siblings.

Still, I also wanted to give students music to actually play or to sing. Not just to read about. So, I created some play and sing alongs and hoped I had taught you enough already this year that you could follow along (but, you know, I made some video explanations just in case).

That was a success, too! It was so cool to hear some of you playing the songs I had put together for you!

So, this week, I decided to put both concepts together. We have a return of “5 Days of a Great Musician“, with this week’s featured musician being the King of Ragtime, Scott Joplin. And, on day 2, we have a play along activity, with sheet music to one of the greatest ragtime pieces of all time: The Entertainer.

Additionally, I am now posting all “5 days” of the activities all together. If you’d like, you can do all 5 days worth of activities in one day. You can spread it out over however many days works best for you. Or, you can pick and choose the activities on the days that sound most interesting to you.


5 Days of Scott Joplin

Day 1, Maple Leaf Rag & a Scott Joplin Story

Day 2, The Entertainer & A Scott Joplin Play Along

Day 3, Original Rags & Scott Joplin Fun Facts

Day 4, Treemonisha & Scott Joplin Coloring

Day 5, Best of Scott Joplin Playlist & a Fun Scott Joplin Word Search