5 Days of Mozart: Day 4, Fantasia in C minor, Mozart Flipbook & a Fun Mozart Quiz

For some more Mozart fun, today there are two new activities for you to try at home: a printable do-it-yourself flipbook and a simple Mozart quiz.

Mozart Flipbook

This a fun little flipbook is a great offline activity to do at home and boost your knowledge of Mozart. Just print it out and follow the included instructions to put it together. Inside, it has fun facts about Mozart, his history, and his music.

Download the Flipbook

(note: the book is free, but you will need to create an account with “Teachers Pay Teachers” to log in and download it)

Mozart Quiz

Test your knowledge of Mozart! Take this simple 7 question quiz to see if you can remember what you learned this week.

Click here to begin!

Song of the Day

The fourth piece we will hear by Mozart is called…

“Fantasia in C minor”

In Italian, “Fantasia” means “Fanstasy”. In music, a fantasia is a musical composition that doesn’t have as much of a strict form. In other words, there are no repeated sections like the rondo we learned about on Day 2.

Fantasia in C minor as a whole is not one of Mozart’s top 10 most well-known works, but it is a really impressive and enjoyable piece to listen to.

The entire piece is only about 11 minutes long, but I chosen to feature a small part known as the “Allegro” section. I really like this part because it is very playful and takes you on a trip through many different emotions. Just when you start to expect it to sound one way, it changes and sounds completely different.

How does this piece make you feel?

Want to hear more? Listen to the entire piece!