Student Availability

for All Lessons | Spring 2022

Use the form below to indicate the student’s general availability for music lessons.

Please be generous with your availability and as specific as possible. These details are used to aid in the planning and organization of the general schedule and ease the process of re-scheduling when necessary.

Important Notes:

1. Please be sure to enter the student’s name below.

2. Please make seperate submissions of this form for every student in your family or household.

3. Please include ALL possible times the student could be available for lessons. We will always do all we can to place students within their “Best!” available time slots. However, this is not always possible and lesson times before 4:00pm fill up quickly. (This article tells more about our scheduling process.)

4. Please be aware that by submitting a student’s availability, you are NOT officially booking a lesson. Students will be assigned and notified of their specific lesson time on a first come, first served basis. Please allow approximately 1-2 weeks for notification.