Musicians of the Week

5 Days of Pete Seeger: Day 4, Turn, Turn, Turn & Pete Seeger Coloring

It’s time for some Pete Seeger coloring! Pete Seeger Coloring Free, Printable Coloring Pages:Pete Seeger with a Banjo 1Pete Seeger with a Banjo 2 Just the Banjo:Banjo Coloring Online or PrintBanjo Printable Coloring Page Song of the Day “Turn, Turn, Turn” Borrowing the words from a book of the Bible called “Ecclesiastes”, Pete Seeger wrote […]

5 Days of Pete Seeger: Day 2, This Land is Your Land & A Pete Seeger Play Along

Let’s learn to play “This Land is Your Land”! A song by Woody Guthrie and sung by Pete Seeger. First, watch a video of Pete Seeger singing this song: “This Land is Your Land” led by Pete Seeger at the 2007 Presidential Inauguration of Barak Obama To play it on an instrument, download the sheet […]

5 Days of a Great Musician: The Story & Music of Scott Joplin

A couple months ago, when we all began “staying at home”, I got really excited about sharing more about great musicians with all my students. It is something I feel I never get enough time to do in the classroom. And, I imagined my posts and activities being something that could be done as whole […]

5 Days of Scott Joplin: Day 5, Best of Scott Joplin Playlist & a Fun Scott Joplin Word Search

For some more Scott Joplin fun, here is a Scott Joplin printable Word Search. Scott Joplin Word Search To complete the Word Search, first read this Scott Joplin Biography (look for keywords – in blue)Scott Joplin Biography Once you have read the biography, you are ready for the word search. Word Search from Bio:Scott Joplin […]

5 Days of Scott Joplin: Day 4, Treemonisha & Scott Joplin Coloring

It’s time for some Scott Joplin coloring! Scott Joplin Coloring Free, Printable Coloring Pages:Scott Joplin at the Piano 1Scott Joplin at the Piano 2Scott Joplin Face 1Scott Joplin Face 2 Free, but login required:American Composers Coloring & Fact Sheets(Scott Joplin is page 7) Song of the Day “Treemonisha: Overture” This is the “Overture” (introduction) to […]