5 Days of Scott Joplin: Day 4, Treemonisha & Scott Joplin Coloring

Scott Joplin painting by Sidney Holmes

It’s time for some Scott Joplin coloring!

Scott Joplin Coloring

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Scott Joplin at the Piano 1
Scott Joplin at the Piano 2
Scott Joplin Face 1
Scott Joplin Face 2

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American Composers Coloring & Fact Sheets
(Scott Joplin is page 7)

Song of the Day

“Treemonisha: Overture”

This is the “Overture” (introduction) to one of two operas Scott Joplin composed. As you will hear, this is very different from Scott Joplin’s other music. The full opera only has hints of ragtime music in it.

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