Category: How to Use Music Technology

  • Free Xylophone / Glockenspiel App to Practice Without an Instrument

    Update (3/17/20): It seems the app reviewed below is no longer available for Android. Not to worry, it is still available for iOS and there are plenty of xylophone apps for Android. I will be testing the other Android apps soon and I will then update this article with my recommendations. In the meantime, here […]

  • Using the MuseScore App to Learn Music Faster

    I have wrote before about the amazing free MuseScore program for music notation. With it, you can write sheet music and advanced musical scores on your computer for absolutely no cost. It’s 100% free and incredibly rubust. For just $2, you can take MuseScore with you on your mobile device. It is currently available in […]

  • Free Ukulele App to Practice Without an Instrument

    Real Ukulele App from Gismart

    At Open School this year, the Blue and Purple Clusters are learning the ukulele! Learning any instrument takes hard work. And, I would love for all of my students to have the opportunity to practice at home. Ukuleles are not at all the most expensive instrument. In this post, I have listed suggestions that are […]

  • An Introduction to Music Practice with Trello

    UPDATE: As of the summer of 2018, I have switched to using MyMusicStaff’s Student Portal for keeping track of assignments. Admittedly, it is not quite as flexible or robust as Trello. However, it is simple for students to use and offers a lot of other useful features for overall studio management. I still use Trello […]

  • MuseScore in Minutes: Basic Steps to Begin Notating Music

    A couple weeks ago, I introduced to you to MuseScore, an excellent, and completely free, music notation software, which can be used on any computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux). If you are already familiar with music notation, here are some great videos that the MuseScore team has put together to get you started with using […]

  • Balance Out Your Practicing with Balance-Controlled Recordings

    adjusting mac audio balance

    I love to do my part to make practicing fun for my music students. After a long day of school or work, you don’t want another chore. Right? Music should never be a chore… One way I make practicing music more fun is by making musical recordings for my students to play along with or […]