5 Days of a Great Musician: An Introduction to Featured Musicians on this Site


Welcome to a new series of articles on this site called “5 Days of a Great Musician“. I hope you will find this page engaging while at home and you will enjoy learning about important and influential musicians as much as I enjoy introducing them to you.

Each article includes a brief introduction and a song of the day, as well as at least one unique daily activity from the following list:

  • An engaging story
  • A play along and/or sing along*new*
  • Fun facts about the musician
  • A worksheet or other at-home activity
  • A fun quiz or game
  • Inspiring videos that feature the songs highlighted each day

Check back here for the complete list of all featured musicians and links to the series on that musician:

Current Featured Musicians

5 Days of Mozart

Learn more about Mozart!

5 Days of the Beatles

Get started on a Beatles journey!

5 Days of the Scott Joplin

Get started on a Scott Joplin journey!

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