5 Days of a Great Musician: The Story & Music of Scott Joplin

A couple months ago, when we all began “staying at home”, I got really excited about sharing more about great musicians with all my students. It is something I feel I never get enough time to do in the classroom. And, I imagined my posts and activities being something that could be done as whole […]

5 Days of Scott Joplin: Day 5, Best of Scott Joplin Playlist & a Fun Scott Joplin Word Search

For some more Scott Joplin fun, here is a Scott Joplin printable Word Search. Scott Joplin Word Search To complete the Word Search, first read this Scott Joplin Biography (look for keywords – in blue)Scott Joplin Biography Once you have read the biography, you are ready for the word search. Word Search from Bio:Scott Joplin […]

5 Days of Scott Joplin: Day 4, Treemonisha & Scott Joplin Coloring

It’s time for some Scott Joplin coloring! Scott Joplin Coloring Free, Printable Coloring Pages:Scott Joplin at the Piano 1Scott Joplin at the Piano 2Scott Joplin Face 1Scott Joplin Face 2 Free, but login required:American Composers Coloring & Fact Sheets(Scott Joplin is page 7) Song of the Day “Treemonisha: Overture” This is the “Overture” (introduction) to […]

5 Days of Scott Joplin: Day 2, The Entertainer & A Scott Joplin Play Along

Let’s learn to play Scott Joplin’s most famous piece: “The Entertainer“! If you watched the Spring Play and Sing Along videos I made in April, you already know most everything you need to know to play this incredible piece by Scott Joplin. Here are some of the most helpful parts of those videos to review […]

Rainbow Connection: A Family Music Sing & Play Along

Celebrate spring with a rainbow sing and play along! Begin by watching this video introduction: Watch the “Rainbow Connection” Overview! Now, sing along with this musical movie clip: Watch the “Rainbow Connection” Sing Along Movie Clip To play it on an instrument, download the sheet music: Download Music:For Most Instruments (Treble Clef)Treble Clef with Ukulele […]