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  • Lower the Volume and Do More with Full-Size Electronic Drum Kits

    When it comes to total cost, electronic drum kits are going to be similar in price to beginner acoustic drum kits. But, for the young musician, there are several key advantages to going the electronic route: 1. Electronic drum kits save space. This is true even when the electronic drum kit is fully set up. But, […]

  • Electronic Drum Pads (a.k.a. Table-top Drum Kits): The Cheaper, Quieter, Space-Saving Alternative to the Full-Size Drum Kits

    When it comes to drum practice, full-size drum kits can be expensive and take up a lot of space. On top of that, acoustic drum kits are loud and electronic drum kits require additional equipment (headphones or an amplifier) just to hear it. A more affordable and space-saving alternative for drum practice is an electronic […]

  • The Most Affordable Acoustic Drum Kits Worth Considering

    Acoustic drum kits are a lot of things including loud, expensive, and big enough to fill a small room. However, if you have the space and the money and you (and the neighbors) don’t mind the noise, an acoustic drum kit is absolutely the best drumming experience both in terms of sound and ease of […]

  • Buying Used Musical Instruments

    New musical instruments are shiney and cool, but most decent instruments can equal the cost of a month or two of mortgage. The good news is that there are many places to get quality used musical instruments at a steep discount. For keyboards, guitars, and drums, Guitar Center is a good place to start, especially […]

  • Best Glockenspiels for Beginner Home Practice

    This year at Open School, Red and Silver Clusters are learning basic keyboard percussion, mostly on glockenspiels. And, Yellow Cluster is learning more advanced percussion on glockenspiels, xylophones, metallophones, bass bars, hand drums, and other percussion instruments. Students are not in any way required to have a mallet percussion instrument for home practice. However, students […]

  • The Basic Tools for Home Drum Practice

    Though a full drum kit can be pricey, getting started practicing drums at home is a relatively inexpensive endeavor. There are really only two essentials: drum sticks and something to drum on. Below are some recommendations for drum sticks and a practice pad. However, if you want to be sure you are playing the correct […]

  • Recommended Soprano Ukuleles for Beginner Home Practice

    Over the past couple months, students at Open School have been introduced to new and exciting instruments. And, in the last few weeks, we began putting the instruments in their hands. The fourth and fifth grade clusters have a special treat: ukuleles! Over the course of this year, we will be learning all about the […]

  • Recommended Electric Guitars for Home Practice (Kid’s Edition)

    It is true that electric guitar are generally easier to learn more quickly than acoustic guitars. But, few young students think about the possibility of getting a guitar appropriate for their size. Even electric guitars with full size fretboards can make it difficult for young students to reach the notes they wish to play. The […]

  • Recommended Keyboards for Beginner Piano Practice

    Practice is an essential part of learning anything. And, having a piano or keyboard at home for students to practice is a key to their success with music lessons. Below are a range of decent and extremely affordable keyboard options, starting with one that is just the cost of a single lesson. If you or […]