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  • 5 Days of a Great Musician: The Story & Music of Pete Seeger

    A Note to Open School Students and Families: I often tell my students, “it is okay to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them and do everything you can to correct them the next time”. Well, I make mistakes, too. I made two big mistakes on the Specialists Activity page this week. I’m […]

  • 5 Days of Pete Seeger: Day 5, We Shall Overcome & a Pete Seeger Sing Along

    As if one song for this week wasn’t enough, here is a sing along for We Shall Overcome. This song was originally a hymn that Pete Seeger thought the world should hear. It became a very important hymn in the Civil Rights Movement. We Shall Overcome Sing Along Bonus: A reading the story book “We […]

  • 5 Days of Pete Seeger: Day 4, Turn, Turn, Turn & Pete Seeger Coloring

    It’s time for some Pete Seeger coloring! Pete Seeger Coloring Free, Printable Coloring Pages:Pete Seeger with a Banjo 1Pete Seeger with a Banjo 2 Just the Banjo:Banjo Coloring Online or PrintBanjo Printable Coloring Page Song of the Day “Turn, Turn, Turn” Borrowing the words from a book of the Bible called “Ecclesiastes”, Pete Seeger wrote […]

  • 5 Days of Pete Seeger: Day 3, Guantanamera & Pete Seeger Fun Facts

    Pete Seeger Fun Facts ♫ Pete Seeger’s first musical instrument was an ukulele he got at age 8. ♫ In his teens, Pete fell in love with the banjo and that became his preferred instrument. ♫ Pete Seeger studied music at Harvard University. ♫ Pete made friends with Woody Guthrie, composer of “This Land is […]

  • Free Scale Exercise for Any Instrument #1

    Here is a fun, simple scale exercise that is perfect for any level of player. (Note that I didn’t use the words ‘beginner’ or ‘easy’, as this sort of exercise can be good practice for even the most advanced players! Just try playing it really fast.) This sort of exercise is great to help you […]