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  • Note Names Exercises

    Note Names Exercises

    Last week, I introduced the first of a series of custom music exercises I will be building from the tools over at musictheory.net. These exercises are all free and should work in any web browser on any computer or mobile device. The following exercises are Note Names exercises specifically for my students needs. I hope […]

  • MuseScore in Minutes: Basic Steps to Begin Notating Music

    A couple weeks ago, I introduced to you to MuseScore, an excellent, and completely free, music notation software, which can be used on any computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux). If you are already familiar with music notation, here are some great videos that the MuseScore team has put together to get you started with using […]

  • Powerful, Entirely Free Music Notation Software for Your Computer Desktop

    Screenshot of MuseScore Music Notation Software Music notation software does not have a history of being affordable. When I was in high school (in the ’90s), I shelled out almost $1,000 for the software Finale. And, despite many exciting upgrades through the years, I have consistently refused to pay that same pricetag again for the […]

  • Online Music Notation for the Lowest Price Possible: FREE

    A few weeks ago, I shared the absolutely best place for free printable blank sheet music. And, now I have one better. A place for FREE online music notation!

  • The Absolutely Best Place for Free Printable Blank Sheet Music

    Whether you are trying your skills at one of my ear training exercises or wanting to write your own music, you should definitely have this resource on hand. Of course, you can buy a book from your music store with blank staff paper, but what if you are all out and your music store is […]