5 Days of Pete Seeger: Day 2, This Land is Your Land & A Pete Seeger Play Along

Let’s learn to play “This Land is Your Land”! A song by Woody Guthrie and sung by Pete Seeger.

First, watch a video of Pete Seeger singing this song:

“This Land is Your Land”

led by Pete Seeger at the 2007 Presidential Inauguration of Barak Obama

To play it on an instrument, download the sheet music:

Download Music:
For Most Instruments (Intermediate Treble Clef)

And, play along with this tutorial:

Watch the “This Land is Your Land” Glockenspiel Tutorial

Having trouble?

Watch Spring Play and Sing Along videos I made in April!

Here are some of the most helpful parts of those videos to review:

Video 1 (Spring by Vivaldi)

  • 0:17 – Instruments you can use / What to do if you don’t have an instrument
  • 3:03 – The “Building Blocks of Music” (a.k.a. reading sheet music)
    • 3:11 – Rhythm overview
    • 5:34 – Pitch overview
  • 6:50 – What to do when you see a sharp () symbol

Video 2 (Over the Rainbow)

  • 4:59 – Review of the basic “building blocks”
    • 5:26 – Rhythm review
    • 6:17 – Pitch review

Video 3 (Rainbow Connection)

  • 1:49 – Repeating letter names / low and high pitches
    • 2:26 – How letters can sound different in different words
    • 3:23 – Repeating notes explained with key tags
    • 4:35 – Low and high notes that share the same letter on the music staff
    • 6:13 – How to play low and high notes correctly on your instrument
  • 8:26 – Introduction to Sharps (), Flats (), and Natural signs ()

Don’t own an instrument to use at home?

Here are some ways you can practice for FREE:

Or, purchase an instrument for cheap: