5 Days of the Beatles: Day 3, Eleanor Rigby, Beatles Coloring, & Beatles Word Searches

On our third day of learning about the Beatles, I have some fun coloring pages and word searches for you to enjoy.

As with last week, the coloring pages might be more exciting for the younger ones (K-2). The word searches might be better for the older ones (3-5). But, anyone can do whichever appeals to them most!  Oh, who am I kidding… who wouldn’t want to do Beatles coloring!?

The Beatles Coloring

Color Online or Print:
The Beatles Full Band Coloring Page 1
The Beatles Full Band Coloring Page 2
The Beatles Abbey Road Cover Coloring Page
The Beatles Yellow Submarine Cover Coloring Page
John Lennon Coloring Page

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14 Coloring Pages from Kids-n-fun
30 Coloring Pages from Coloring Home

Beatles Word Search

This week, I have put together a special word search just for this blog. Here it is:

The Beatles Word Search (online only)

Just in case you would prefer a word search you can print, here is another:

The Beatles Word Search (print)

Song of the Day

We are going to stay in the “introspectional” phase of the Beatles for one more day and listen to a song off the Beatles’ 7th main album. This song is called…

“Eleanor Rigby”

You will notice that this song sounds very different from most of the other Beatles’ songs we have heard so far.

In fact, the Beatles did not even play any instruments on this song! Instead, they hired string players to play the violin, viola, and cello.

Even though the song is rather upbeat in nature, the lyrics are very deep and very fitting for this phase of the band.

When you listen, you will hear the words “all the lonely people” repeated many times. Paul, who wrote the lyrics for this song, said that this is what came to his head when he though about the elderly people in society who it seems no one cares about.

Paul also mentioned in a recent interview that he often took time to help several elderly people he knew in his community with buying groceries and other everyday tasks that are difficult for older people.

As you listen to this song, take a moment to think about the older people in your life. Is there something nice that you can do for them? Maybe make a card or call them on Skype?

Want to hear more? Listen to this playlist. It is filled with the best songs from the Beatles’ introspectional phase.