Choosing a Recorder for Home Practice

This year at Open School, our 2nd and 3rd grade clusters will be learning to play the recorder!

At our school, the students are given recorders to use in the classroom and keep at the end of the year. However, it is up to the parents whether they wish to purchase the instruments for their children to practice at home throughout the duration of the school year.

As such, I have put together this list of wonderful options for extremely affordable recorder suggestions (starting at just $3) for parents to optionally purchase for their children to use alongside the school instruments.

Here are two wonderful recorder options to get you started:

If you indeed choose one of the options listed below, please use the links in this post to make your purchase. A small portion of the purchase amount will go towards a budget for improvements and upgrades to the instruments used at Open School.

Lyons Soprano Recorder

This basic recorder is just $3 most anywhere you shop. It is a basic one-piece recorder (like what we will be using at school). And, it comes in many fun colors.

Buy on Amazon

Yamaha YRS-20 or YRS-24 Soprano Recorder

This recorder is the next step up and one that I own personally (the YRS-24). It has three pieces which makes for easier cleaning and tuning. However, this will not be necessary for most young students.

The only difference between these two models is the colors. The YRS-20 comes in three translucent colors and the YRS-24 come in ivory.

(Note: Make sure you get either the YRS-20 or YRS-24 model. The YRS-23 model has different fingering.)

Buy on Amazon (YRS-20)
Buy on Amazon (YRS-24)

Want something different or even better?

I can assure you that the options above will work perfectly for 2nd & 3rd grade students. But, in case you would prefer to search on your own, here are three keywords the recorder description must have:

1) Soprano
It is important that it is a Soprano recorder. Alto, tenor, and bass recorders (or any other variation) will look, sound and feel different.

2) Baroque
Specifically, you are looking for a recorder with Baroque-style fingering. (German-style fingering is different and will confuse the student)

3) Key of C
If the instrument is in a Key other than C, the student will not be able to ever use the instrument to play along with classmates or any recordings I provide for home practice.

If you would like suggestions for a nicer recorder (such as a traditional recorder made out of wood), please feel to contact me and I will send you more information.