Week 3 of 30 Weeks of Trumpet Scale Drills: G Major

Trumpet Scale Drills in G Major

Trumpet Scale Drills in G Major

It’s now week three of the series of scale drills I created specifically for the trumpet. Here is G Major:

[PracticeSingle exercise=”Scale Drills in G Major” url=”Studio Cline Music – Trumpet Scale Drills in G Major” instrument=”Trumpet”]

You can also use these exercises for other instruments!

Here are some instruments that can play the same range:
Clarinet, Viola, Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Harp, Organ, Accordion

Check back every Wednesday for a new scale exercise!

Complete List of Trumpet Scale Drills

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Week 3: G Major
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• Week 15: C# Major
• Week 16: C Minor
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• Week 18: G Minor
• Week 19: B Minor
• Week 20: D Minor
• Week 21: E Minor
• Week 22: A Minor
• Week 23: A Minor
• Week 24: E Minor
• Week 25: D Minor
• Week 26: B Minor
• Week 27: G Minor
• Week 28: F# Minor
• Week 29: C Minor
• Week 30: C# Minor

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