MuseScore in Minutes: Basic Steps to Begin Notating Music

MuseScore in Minutes
Screenshot of MuseScore in Minutes Video Introduction

A couple weeks ago, I introduced to you to MuseScore, an excellent, and completely free, music notation software, which can be used on any computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux).

If you are already familiar with music notation, here are some great videos that the MuseScore team has put together to get you started with using this software:

The above videos are narrated by Dr. George Hess, an American guitarist, composer and educator, who now teaches music technology and improvisation at the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory in Singapore.

Topics include all the essentials, like setting up your first score, inputting notes, plugging in your MIDI keyboard, adding text and lyrics, and so on.

It’s enough to give you a glimpse of the awesome power behind this software.

In case you reach the end of the tutorial playlist and find yourself looking for more, they recommend purchasing the book Mastering MuseScore: Make beautiful sheet music with MuseScore 2.

Or, for more of a hands-on approach, just sign up for some music lessons with me (in-person or online) and we’ll either start from the beginning, teaching you how to read and write music, or work specifically with the topics of music notation and composition that interest you the most.

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