5-Year-Old Shows How Easy It Is To Start Writing Music

5-Year-Old Jordan Raps

5-Year-Old Jordan Raps
Screenshot from Jordan Bijan‘s YouTube Channel

I have previously mentioned the amazing music technology available to quickly and affordably get started writing music. But, if putting notes on paper still seems a bit too daunting for you, there is another option.

A couple years ago, then 5-year-old Jordan Bijan recorded a video with the solution. He shows how simple it is to put together a hip hop song. Just 5 easy steps to follow and you’ll be rapping in no time!

Bear in mind that Jordan appears to have a basic understanding of scales and chords. It wouldn’t sound quite as good if he just played any random notes. On one hand, it makes the video that much more impressive. But, really, it doesn’t get much more simple than that!

I only had one question when it occurred to me that two years had already passed since the creation of this video. Where is Justin today? It turns out he now has lots of videos, mostly quite impressive covers of songs by other artists. He is extremely talented for a 7-year-old, playing at least 3 instruments and singing quite beautifully!

Here is a recent sample of his work:

Maybe we’ll see him on Little Big Shots someday soon!

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