Category: Music Inspiration

  • Benjamin Zander on Music and Passion

    The following is one of my favorite videos from TED of all time. Benjamin Zander, renowned conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, speaks on passion in music. I especially love how he describes the intricacy of music and his explanation of musical impulses.

  • Introducing My New Method for Motivating You to Become a Better Musician

    Photo by nosha on Flickr. When I began teaching, I taught music lessons without any sort of method for evaluating how my students were doing. I always wanted my students to enjoy music lessons as the “fun” extra-curricular activity that it had always been for me (and I still want that for you, by the […]

  • Wynton Marsalis Music Video

    Photo of Wynton Marsalis by Larry Johnson on Flickr I have to admit that, though I’m not an Apple user, I really have a deep respect for the company and especially for Steve Jobs, who is deeply missed. Beyond Steve’s inspiration and incredible innovation in the technology world, he also has great taste in music. […]

  • A Veteran’s Day Tribute to Our Troops with a Patriotic Music Video

    Photo of United States Marine Corps Marching Band at Rose Parade in Pasadena by Matthew Cline In honor of Veteran’s Day, I browsed through a collection of patriotic music videos to bring you one that I believe is: Extremely appropriate for a day in which we support our veteran troops Has a strong message about […]