Introducing My New Method for Motivating You to Become a Better Musician

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When I began teaching, I taught music lessons without any sort of method for evaluating how my students were doing.

I always wanted my students to enjoy music lessons as the “fun” extra-curricular activity that it had always been for me (and I still want that for you, by the way).

I had resolved to leave grades to the institutions and made each lesson purely about whatever my students wanted to learn.

But, the problem with that methodology was rather obvious…

My students weren’t learning.

Sure, they would improve in little ways here and there, but overall they just weren’t progressing much more than they could have progressed on their own.

I knew some things needed to change:

1) I started to give you (my students) more musical exercises to practice along with the music you brought in, so that you would actually have an opportunity to improve your technique, rather than just playing what was easiest for you.

2) I began incorporating more music theory into each lesson to give a more holistic approach to music, provide an understanding as to why you are playing what you are playing, and build a foundation for writing your own music.

3) And, in the last couple years, I have been creating new activities and digging up unique resources for you to learn and experience music in ways that will give you a new perspective not only of your own instrument, but of all music.

Now, each and every week, I find you all improving decently, even if you don’t practice as much as you should.

Still, I know you can do better.

That’s why for 2012, I am introducing something that I hope can motivate you, my students, to work harder.

I don’t want you to only make progress during our lesson time. On the contrary!

I want you to practice and improve GREATLY on your own.

So, I’m starting a new “point system”.

It’s still not a grade. It’s just points that you earn when you practice. And, the more points you earn, the more cool stuff you can get!

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How has the point system changed your practice schedule? Do you have other ideas on how to be motivated to practice? Share your answer to these questions in the comments!