A Veteran’s Day Tribute to Our Troops with a Patriotic Music Video

Photo of United States Marine Corps Marching Band at Rose Parade in Pasadena by Matthew Cline

In honor of Veteran’s Day, I browsed through a collection of patriotic music videos to bring you one that I believe is:

  1. Extremely appropriate for a day in which we support our veteran troops
  2. Has a strong message about the lives of American soldiers
  3. And, of course, shows great talent of an American artist

Of course, I ended up with a country song…

Here we have an original song by Toby Keith called American Soldier.

The slideshow along with it is of real United States Soldiers and was put together by protectourtroops.org .

And, just in case you would like to see the original music video by Toby Keith, click here.

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I would love to see your thoughts and support for our troop in the comments!