U.S. Military Music Roundup | Memorial Day 2016

Marine band plays in New York

Marine band plays in New York
Photo by MarineCorps NewYork on Flickr

It is often hard to comprehend the sacrifice that so many brave men and women make in order to protect the freedoms we have in our country. Not to mention the hardships their families endure along the way.

Short of joining the soldiers on the battlefield, one of the best ways we can show our appreciation is by celebrating the individuals who serve in the military. These are not just average people. Beyond their superior courage, they have the most incredible level of devotion to everything they do.

In reverence for everyone who has fought for their country, and especially those who have lost their lives or loved ones to war, I would like to take this Memorial Day to recognize the most musically talented service personnel.

Below is a playlist filled with some of my favorite songs by military bands. Even if you have heard the songs before, it is definitely worth a listen. These are very impressive and enjoyable recordings.

List of Songs in Playlist

U.S. Marine Band – Espirit de Corps
U.S. Marine Band – Stars and Stripes Forever
U.S. Marine Band – Festive Overture, Op. 96
U.S. Marine Band – Hail to the Chief
U.S. Army Field Band – Army Strong
U.S. Army Band – The Army Goes Rolling Along
U.S. Army Band – Commando March
U.S. Marine Band – For the President’s Own
U.S. Air Force Band – When Johnny Comes Marching Home
U.S. Coast Guard Band – Star Spangled Banner

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