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  • Week 1 of 30 Weeks of Trumpet Scale Drills: C Major

    Week 1 of 30 Weeks of Trumpet Scale Drills: C Major

    Starting this week, I am beginning my first official, scheduled series of exercises on this site. Are you ready for some trumpet fun? This particular series starts with an exercise in C Major, but it is nothing to sneeze at. The beginning parts are nice and easy to get you warmed up. But, towards the […]

  • Free Scale Exercise for Any Instrument #1

    Here is a fun, simple scale exercise that is perfect for any level of player. (Note that I didn’t use the words ‘beginner’ or ‘easy’, as this sort of exercise can be good practice for even the most advanced players! Just try playing it really fast.) This sort of exercise is great to help you […]

  • Wynton Marsalis Music Video

    Photo of Wynton Marsalis by Larry Johnson on Flickr I have to admit that, though I’m not an Apple user, I really have a deep respect for the company and especially for Steve Jobs, who is deeply missed. Beyond Steve’s inspiration and incredible innovation in the technology world, he also has great taste in music. […]