Free Scale Exercise for Any Instrument #1

free scale exercise for any instrument

Here is a fun, simple scale exercise that is perfect for any level of player.

(Note that I didn’t use the words ‘beginner’ or ‘easy’, as this sort of exercise can be good practice for even the most advanced players! Just try playing it really fast.)

This sort of exercise is great to help you learn the notes, get more familiar with the fingering on your instrument, and to better visualize patterns of notes that are common in many musical pieces.

[PracticeItNow exercise=”Scale Exercise in G” url=”Scale Exercise 1 in G Major”]

Try this on trumpet, piano, guitar, clarinet, flute, cello, violin, tuba, baritone horn, marimba, viola, french horn, xylophone, string bass, oboe, recorder, or any instrument you can think of!

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