Piano Key Naming Exercises

The great people at musictheory.net have put together some excellent free exercises for learning and practicing musical concepts. The following are some custom Piano Key exercises I have built with their tools specifically for my students needs. I hope they will be helpful to you and anyone who comes across this site.

1. Choose your appropriate skill level below
2. Study the note that is highlighted in red on the keyboard
3. Select the correct letter name

Bonus: Attempt to answer correctly 20 times or less in 1 minute. Play again and try to beat your high score!

Piano Keys Names Beginner

Piano Keys Names Intermediate Sharps

Piano Keys Names Intermediate Flats

More Exercises Coming Soon! Check back soon!

The above exercises are excellent for learning the letter names of the piano keys in sheet music. Learning the letter names of the piano keys is not only helpful for pianists, but is also quite useful for anyone learning music theory and anyone who is interested in composition or improvising. The unique layout of the piano keys demonstrate the pattern of notes used in the most common modern musical scales.

Learn the Piano!

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