Write Out This Rhythm! [Ear Training Exercise 2]

In 2012, I started a new point system with my students. Not like grades, just points for cool stuff. And, if you’re my student and you figure out this exercise, you’ll get 20 points!

So go ahead and listen to this rhythm and try to write it out. Make sure to use a piece of paper or your favorite music notation program so that you can share what you write with me at your next lesson and earn your points.

By the way, this exercise is in 4/4 time and the first 4 taps are quarter notes to give you a sense of the tempo.

Bonus: There is actually one two-measure rhythm repeated four times.

How to Get Points if You are Not My Student

Points will get you cool things like me transcribing a song of your choice to work on in your lessons. If you’re not already a student, give me a call now (310-876-2141) and we’ll get you started with private music lessons so you too can learn to play and earn points!

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