Easy Billing and Payments for Music Lessons 3+ Ways to Pay and 3 Simple Ways to Be Billed for After-School Music

In my 15 years of billing for music lessons, I have found that every student/parent has a preferred method for both billing and payments. That’s why I make it easy for every client to choose both how they are billed and how they wish to pay.

Let’s start with payment options.


Payments can come in practically any form, such as:

1. Checks

Checks are preferred as there are no transaction fees, but still provide a record of payment. They are also the safest form of payment to send with a child to school or to leave in my school mailbox.

Please make checks out to “Studio Cline”.

2. Cash

If you often have a lot of cash on hand, this works great, too. I just require that an adult hands me the cash in person.

Please do not ever mail cash or leave in my mailbox.

3. Credit/Debit Cards, Balance Transfers, Etc

The online payment service PayPal offers a myriad of ways to pay. You can use a credit card or debit card. You can make a balance transfer direct from you bank. And, you even have a “buy now, pay later” option through PayPal Credit.

PayPal payments can be made directly from your billing dashboard, online invoice, or directly through PayPal using the following link:



As for billing, I have 3 simple options to choose from. You can use any payment method with any billing option.

1. The Billing Dashboard

This is the most thorough and robust method. Each client is given an account at https://pay.studiocline.com where they can log in and view every invoice every created for them.

Users can see their current account status and make online payments (via PayPal) right from their invoices.

Though there are other ways to track payments for lessons, the invoicing system I use is the only way that allows you to see the following:

a) the exact dates of lessons being billed
b) the actual cost for each individual lesson
c) any applicable discounts applied to the original cost

Also, with this option, there is no waiting for me to send out your invoices. Log in any time to make a payment or view your invoices.

Tip: Prefer to pay with check or cash? No problem! Just use the billing dashboard to keep track of your invoices and payment history and pay with check or cash by mail or in person.

2. The Direct Invoice

If you like the idea of receiving the full invoice, but prefer not to have to keep track of login credentials (username and password), then this is the best option for you.

Each billing cycle, I will send you a direct link to access your invoice online (no login required) and you can view and confirm that all of the details are correct before making your payment.

To keep the invoice for your records, you can then save your invoices to your computer as a PDF. And, just like with the billing dashboard, you can make your payment straight from the invoice via PayPal.

Tip: Yes, you can still pay with check or cash with this method as well. You will just receive the direct link to your invoice. After that, you can pay however you prefer!

3. The No-Hassle Payment

As detail-oriented as I am, I tend to have many clients who prefer to just trust me with the amounts I quote and not bother with invoices. This certainly saves time on your end and doesn’t require you to remember passwords or keep track of invoices.

If you prefer this method, I will simply send you the amount due for each bill.

Just in case you prefer to pay online, I will include the link to make a direct PayPal payment with this method. However, check or cash is always welcome!


If you have a clear preference as to how you would like to pay or be billed, please click below:

I will then tailor your payment notifications accordingly.

If you don’t set a preference, I will assume by default that you would prefer to used the billing dashboard.